Sometimes the public servants we elect and those who we entrust to protect us mistakenly harm us.  Nathan Choi started his legal career as an Administrative Law Attorney, meaning he did what it took to protect the Davids of this world from the bully Goliath.   As an Administrative Law Attorney, Nathan Choi represented residents who were wronged by our government. Whether it be the State, an agency, or any other Governmental Entity, Nathan Choi defended the weak when their rights were violated.  Nathan Choi has filed lawsuits against the State of Washington, the City of Bellevue, and even our own Federal Government.  His lawsuits are about seeking justice for the People.  Below is a sample of the type of Legal work Nathan Choi has done. 

Civil Rights for Everyone

The City of Bellevue violated Washington Law RCW 46.08.65.  Doing so makes the public vulnerable to rape, robbery, and murder.  The City of Bellevue is justified in preventing traffic violations, however, there are much better methods of doing so.  This lawsuit in no way implies that all Police are bad or the City of Bellvue is Evil.  We must thank our Men and Women in Blue for risking their lives for the public.  And the City of Bellevue has been ranked among America's best places to live.  The issue is simply that the City of Bellevue has made a bad decision on how they will enforce traffic violations.


From the Smallest Governmental Entity
To the Largest, protecting We the People.
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Nathan Choi fully supports the Law Enforcement Community and all who put their lives on the line for the rest of us.  Nathan Choi is a Military Brat and personally knows the sacrifices they make for all of us.  Thumbs up to the King Seattle Police Department and to Bellevue Police.  Both great cities with Great Police Forces.

This seems to be a problem in other Counties as well. Click Here and see what others have done.  This type of wrongful behavior can only be corrected one way, by an Honest Judge. 

Nathan Choi files lawsuit against the Federal Government

Nathan Choi does this either pro bono or at highly reduced fees. Not many people can afford a full court press lawsuit against the United States Government. 


However, Nathan Choi will do it for free if the Government is hurting the people!


Nathan Choi beats four US Government Lawyers!!!

Names and other information identifying the client has been blacked out.  But you can see that the Federal Government does not want to lose and has many very intelligent and experienced lawyers to get their way. 


Does not matter.  The Federal Government must follow the law just as well and Nathan Choi's client got its way.


Nathan Choi has been defending immigrants and the powerless from the very start of his career.            


Nathan Choi has a Heart for the people and will always serve the people.     Many attorneys may not want to file a lawsuit against the Government because of retaliation it brings. Nathan Choi is proud to do so and will display it for this world to see.  Nathan Choi always fights for the people.  Because our Government is for the people, by the people.  Not the other way around.  

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