Nathan Choi

Nathan Choi is an individual who sincerely cares about the community and strives to make it a better place. Nathan Choi has a genuine heart for people and does what he can to make people's lives better.   Nathan Choi has a real sense of Justice, seeks equality, and makes sure that the individual is always protected.  He has proven this by his law practice and is evident in his wholehearted generosity, service, and commitment to the Comunity.  Nathan Choi is exactly the type of Judge that will benefit our EverGreat State.   

Nathan Choi on his father's ship, DDG 21 USS Cochrane sailing on the Pacific.

As Pearl Harbor Steeler's starting running back, Nathan Choi was allowed to choose his own number and of course, he chose his hero Franco Harris of the Pittsburg Steelers.

Born on December 7, Nathan Choi is the all Hawaii Boy who has relocated to Washington State. He brought his sense of public service and dedication with him.  He is the Proud son of a Family Loving all American US war veteran.   As a child, Nathan Choi loved fishing and was the star running back for the Pearl Harbor Steelers.  Prior to Graduating from The Univesity of Hawaii's Richardson School of Law, Nathan Choi worked on the trading desk of Merril Lynch, which was the largest and most powerful stock brokerage firm on Wall Street at that time.  He has written several in newspaper columns about the law, published a book and has been a member of the board of various For Profit and Not Profit entities. Nathan Choi was a highly successful and innovative real estate developer who profited off the properties that the famous Oaktree Capital couldn't. Nathan Choi practiced administrative law and prior to coming to Washington, he was a Hawaii Supreme Court Appointed Arbitrator for 7 years.  Nathan Choi now seeks to serve you.

Nathan Choi loves interacting and learning from government and Community Leaders.

Edmonds City Council Member

Shoreline Community Leader

While studying law, He learned of a Washington Case where a family’s car broke down.  It was dark and the family was walking on the wrong side of the road.  A sign explicitly instructed pedestrians to walk on the other side.  The police officer charged them for walking on the illegal side of the road.  The Washington appellate courts got rid their conviction because it was safer for that family to walk on the illegal side.  After reading that case, Nathan Choi was impressed with the legal common sense of those Judges of long ago.   They are the ones who made Washington Great.   This case placed Washington on Nathan Choi’s map, not the Seahawks.  

Nathan Choi still loves Fishing, but now he loves the Seahawks.

Son Jedidiah's First Salmon

Teaching Daughters as well

Very Successful Career as an Attorney


Since becoming an attorney, Nathan Choi has had many accomplishments both in and out of Court.  He has successfully proven the Government is not always right.   Not just in the Legal Field, Nathan Choi has been extremely blessed and highly successful directing for-profit companies. 

Invited to the United States White House.

Although this was not during Bill Clinton's administration, Nathan Choi could not resist taking a picture with his favorite president.

Nathan Choi puts his money where his heart is.


Nathan Choi immediately and generously shares his earnings for Scholarships to dozens of students and numerous non-profit organizations.  Nathan Choi generously gives back to the community both financially and with Pro Bono Legal work.  He has been honored and recognized for his contributions to the community by Governors, Supreme Court Judges, and a multitude of organizations.  

Scholarship Recipients.    Ms. Kama and Mr. Kumrei are just two of the many students who Nahan Choi has generously given scholarships to.   Nathan Choi's generosity has been broadcasted on Television and a clip of the video will be posted very shortly.

Sarah Kama

Native Hawaiian Sarah Kama of King Kamehameha High School was awarded a scholarship to pursue her undergraduate studies at MIT

Kim Kunrei

Kim Kunrei was given a scholarship to attend the University of Washington.   He intended to get an MBA.

Nathan Choi has a Heart for the People.

Nathan Choi’s believes that community service is more than just marching in a parade for a good cause or serving food at a homeless shelter.    Your labor can only do so much. Sometimes it takes more than just showing up for an event.  There are financial needs and your true heart follows your pocketbook.   Nathan Choi has donated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to deserving Non-Profit Organizations and Students who want to make this world a better place.  He desires to help educate and empower the people.  True community service is serving with both your labor and giving with your heart.                             


Nathan Choi is a dog lover.  He loves animals so much he has kept a memorial of his pass

chihuauhua.  Currently he has a beautiful labradoodle from Australia.

What does Nathan Choi strive to be?


Nathan Choi strives to be like the Wise Judge Solomon who decreed to tear the baby in half knowing that was the only way to save him.  A Judge who will have the wisdom to give the public the best possible service and solution. 

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