Endorsed by Both Democrats AND Republicans

Despite being honored and supported by both DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN Governors United States Congressmen, and government officials at every level of government, Nathan Choi only seeks YOUR support and endorsement.  Drafting a list of people and organizations who are his friends is not what a Neutral unbias Judge is about.  Nathan Choi hails the constitutional writers of Washington State who determined Judges must run nonpartisan.  In their infinite wisdom, they knew of the dangers of a partisan Judiciary.     There is great wisdom and a reason for this.    And thus Nathan Choi genuinely only seeks your endorsement.  


None the less, rather than reviewing the character and proven contributions and conduct toward the community for themselves, this society demands to know who has endorsed them.  Thus despite being endorsed by many organizations including the Puget Sound Democrats, Nathan Choi will post the one endorsement he is truly honored to have received in his exact words.        


ChieJusticRonalMooof the Supreme Court (199t2010 Appointed by a Democrat Governor​),

aindeed honoretendorsyoas a Judge with the King County Court of Appeals. Your unwaverininteresanworthroughouthyearithlegafielindicates a strong commitmentPubliServicewhicI'confidenthWashingtoState Judiciary

would deem tbe a GreaAsset.

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