HAWAII SUPREME COURT Appointed Arbitrator

The Hawaii Supreme Court like the Washington Supreme Court is the Highest Court of the land. The Hawaii Supreme Court adjudicates Assult, Premise Liability, Medical Malpractice, Negligence, and a host of other lawsuits exclusively through Appointed Annexed Arbitrators. The Arbitration Judge for this Program is appointed by the Hawaii Supreme Court Cheif Judge since 1986. Nathan Choi served as an Appointed Arbitrator for 7 years prior to moving to Washington.  


Nathan Choi just like his competitor has the experience necessary to adjudicate cases.


The Hawaii State Judiciary Publication's

The Rules, The Benchbook.

From the Court Room to the Board Room, Nathan Choi is the only candidate who has both theoretical legal knowledge AND practical real-life business experience.  The competition can not and does not claim this.  Both candidates have adjudicated lawsuits, but only one has an MBA and Real World business experience.  Nathan Choi is the only candidate that can boast about being a highly successful Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur, with records verified in the Washington Superior Court dockets.  King County needs Judges that have suffered and embellished in real life Judidical Decrees and truly understands how it impacts human life first hand.    

Nathan Choi also is the only candidate with Legal Books and Numerous Newspaper Publications for the Community. 

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