Nathan Choi is the MOST QUALIFIED Candidate

His competition is licensed in 2 Jurisdiction.  Nathan Choi is licensed in 3.    Nathan Choi is the only candidate that has practiced law in 5 other foreign countries.  Nathan Choi has practiced in China, Mexico, Korea, Japan, and the Philipines.  He has practiced before the United States 9th Circuit Court as well as US District Courts and State Superior Courts.   No other candidate can say this.  Nathan Choi knows more Law than his competitor.   Because he has too.  Immigration law is part of his practice and thus must know the banking and financial laws of foreign

countries.  These foreign investors create Jobs for Americans and thus Nathan Choi must know family and criminal laws of foreign jurisdictions for his practice.


Nathan Choi is the only candidate with this breadth of experience.   King County is one of only 2 silicon valleys on our Globe.  We have the highest minimum wage and we are among the highest living standards in the World.  And we must ensure that we stay this way.  At one time, Detroit used to be a great place to live.  They thought they would be on top of America forever. Bad decisions have led Detroit to where it is now.   Although Appellate Judges are below the Supreme Court, Appellate Judges Make laws.  The vast Majority of cases stop at this Appellate Level.  King County needs Judges who understand not only the language of business and technology but also of humanity, and of people trying to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones.    


Nathan Choi is the only Candidate with this Background.  He is the only candidate with an MBA and has been on the board of directors of both nonprofit and for-profit companies.   He is the only candidate who has practiced internationally and understands foreign laws and cultures.   Thus, he is far more qualified to make the right decision--not just a decision.



Perhaps other Judges may hold a couple of these, but i highly doubt the opposition has a Mensa Certificate.  Judges must be smart.  Many very important decision rest in your hands.  With Nathan Choi, you know your vote will ensure an Extremely Intelligent Judge that will make the right decisions for King County's residents, prosperity, and sustainability.   

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